Corporate Profile

The company of aluminum die-casting and NMG generator system based in Shizuoka, Japan.


Corporate Profile

Corporate Name
Toyodensan Co.,Ltd.
June 01 1951
Koichiro Sugimura
Head Office
Hattanda575 Ozuwa, Numazu-city, Shizuoka, 410-0873 Japan
100 million yen
Major products
Aluminum casting and processed goods / NMG automobile apparatus / Control panel / Road flashing studs

Domestic offices and factories

Head Office / Gakunan Factory

Hattanda575 Ozuwa, Numazu-city, Shizuoka, 410-0873 Japan >Googlemap




Ozuwa Factory

25 Ozuwa, Numazu-city, Shizuoka 410-0873 Japan >Googlemap




Senbon Office / Factory

3-13 Senbon Midoricho, Numazu-city, Shizuoka, 410-0855 Japan >Googlemap




Overseas Office

Siam Toyodensan.Co.,Ltd.

977,977/1 Moo 4, Bangpoo Industrial Estate Soi 11, T.Pheakasa,

A.Muangsamutprakarn,Samutprakarn, 10280 Thailand >Googlemap



Gravity Casting, Pressure Die Casting, ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, ISO/TS16949:2009



Mar. 1948
Sugimura Dengyosha was founded in Numazu city, and began production of electronic devices.
Jun. 1951
Reorganized as Toyodensan Co.,Ltd. with the capital of 1 million yen. Started to sell the aluminum ingot.
Mar. 1953
Started manufacturing of the aluminum sand molds and gravity die castings.
Aug. 1954
Started manufactiring of the aluminum pressure die castings and the zinc pressure die castings.
Apr. 1956
Ozuwa factory was built.
May. 1958
Increased its capital to 3 million yen.
Oct. 1958
Moved head office to Ozuwa factory to realize consistent production of alloy, casting and machining.
Jun. 1959
Increased its capital to 10 million yen.
Jul. 1961
Increased its capital to 25 million yen.
Oct. 1967
Enlarge the aluminum alloy factory.
Jul. 1970
Increased its capital to 37.5 million yen.
Jul. 1971
Enlarge the Senbon factory and added the electrical test and machining facilities.
Apr. 1973
Increased its capital to 50 million yen.
Sep. 1977
Constructed Gakunan factory for the pressure die casting speciality.
May. 1985
Built and moved the head office in the Gakunan site.
Jul. 1989
Started to sell NMG generator system at Senbon factory.
Dec. 1995
Completed rebuilding Ozuwa factory as the main gravity die casting.
Dec. 2000
Acquired ISO9002 certification at Head office, Gakunan factory and Ozuwa factory(0777).
Sep. 2003
Acquired ISO14001 certification at Head office, Gakunan factory, Ozuwa factory and Senbon factory(E688).
Oct. 2003
Acquired ISO9001 certification at Head office, Gakunan factory and Ozuwa factory(0777).
Apr. 2004
Increased its capital to 100 million yen.
Jan. 2005
Established Siam toyodensan Co.,Ltd.
Jun. 2010
Increased the capital of Siam toyodensan Co.,Ltd. to 220 million THB.
Jul. 2010
Started manufacturinf of the aluminum pressure die casting at Siam toyodensan Co.,Ltd.
Oct. 2015
Acquired ISO9001 certification at Senbon factory(0777).

ISO Certification Status


We, Toyodensan, have the firm quality management system and always act based on the quality policy confirmed to ISO9001.
Quality policy
The quality goes first to gain customer trust and satisfaction.
For providing high quality aluminum products, we always test and analyze our product from design phase to shipment.


Basic policy
We are the enterprise specializing in aluminum casting and producing the electrical appliances mainly for the in-vehicle generation system,"NMG".
Aluminum is light-weight and good for recycling while electricity is the clean energy.
We should be conscious of such point of view, and we could create ingenious solutions so that we can contribute to the environment.
Through such business activities, we are trying to be the one trusted by people of the local community and have customer's satisfaction.
Environmental policy
(1)Environmental objective
As the practical or concrete activity guideline, we decide the environmental objectives considering our business that can contribute to improvement of the global environment and reduction of our environmental load conditions. All of us are trying to achieve them.
(2)Prevention of pollution
We control our environmental load factors which occurs in our business activities. We also work on the improvement activities for reducing our emission rate.
(3)Sustainable resource use
We contribute to establish the Recycling-based Society by spreading of the products made of aluminum which is good for recycling and the in-vehicle generation system, "NMG" providing the electricity which is clean energy.
(4)Climate change mitigation and adaptation
We promote weight saving of a car and improve the mileage by spreading of the automobile parts made of light-weight aluminum. So we contribute to the reduction of global warming gas emissions.
Also we contribute to protection of global environment by installing the in-vehicle generation system,"NMG" into the environment measurement vehicles.
Moreover we supply electricity to measuring instruments and vehicle air conditioners, etc without idling by adding the storage function to the in-vehicle generation system, "NMG". So we contribute to the reduction of global warming gas emissions.
(5) Protection of biodiversity and ecosystems
We recognize that our business activities can influence on the lives of all creatures on the earth including the mankind and contribute to the protection of environmental through our business activities.
(6)Compliance obligation
We obey the environmental law regulations applied to our business activities and other requirements to which we agree.
(7) Continual improvement of the environmental management system
We make effort to achieve the continuous improvement of the environmental management system and the environment performance by grasping what brings or will bring positive and negative effects on the environment and by conducting periodical review of the environmental management system.
(8) Management system based on ISO14001
We built the environmental management system based on ISO14001 to work on the activities above systematically.