Aluminum Casting Products

We provide high quality aluminum products by best casting method and quality inspections.

Contacting about aluminum castings

Rich knowledge and latest equipments

Aluminum castings are classified into die casting and sand or plaster casting.
And die casting are classified into pressure die casting and gravity die casting.
Pressure die casting is suitable for thin-walled and mass production, Gravity die casting is suitable for wall thickness shape.
Especially, there are several ways with superior features in pressure die casting.
We can propose the best way to your problems and issues by our rich knowledge and latest equipments.
Aluminum casting

Pressure die casting products

Aluminum die casting product is produced by filling a molten aluminum into a metal mold cavity under the high pressure.
Because die casting use a metal mold, it is suitable for the mass production which can make the excellent casting in dimensional accuracy and surface in a short period of time.
This method enable us to produce products efficiently in complex shapes, lignht weight or high strength.

Pore Free Die Casting

The gas in the cavity replaced by O2 can make the no blowholes material by chemical reaction with aluminum.
Because this method controls the gas content of the aluminum compared to general die casting, its product can be T6 heat treatment.
Pore Free Die Casting


We use following materials to our pressure die casting products.
Material Name Standard Remarks
ADC12 JIS H 5302 Mechanical properties, machinability, good castability
NH41(ANDC13) HiSilicon Abrasion resistance, good machinability



Stable internal quality and heat treatment
by pore free die casting


Complex gear shape
High silicon die casting


Feather shape of thin-walled slope


Thin-walled hollow


Heat dissipation fin shape


4WD transmission case
by the low-pressure die casting

Gravity die casting products

Gravity die casting product is produced by filling molten aluminum into the metal mold cavity by gravity.
By gravity filling, it is less air entrainment(pore) compared with the die-casting.
The products have the feature which can be heat treatment and welding easily.

Gravity die casting with the disintegratable core

The disintegratable core is set in the cavity, before the aluminum injection by the gravity.
After the aluminum solidification, it is possible to make the hollow product by removing of the core.
Gravity die casting with the disintegratable core


We use following materials to our gravity die casting products.
Material Name Standard Remarks
AC2A JIS H 5202
AC4B JIS H 5202
AC4CH JIS H 5202
AC7A JIS H 5202
AC8C JIS H 5202


Gravity casting

Complex hollow structure Oil pump cover
with a built-in a samll hydraulic circuit

Gravity casting

Cut model of multiple hollow product

Gravity casting

Realizing both lightweight and high strength

Gravity casting

Integrated production - casting, machining, press fitting

Gravity casting

Thin walled head pipe for big motorcycle

Gravity casting

Outboard motor swivel

Sand / Plaster mold casting and Prototype casting

Sand mold / plaster mold casting is produced by filling the sand mold / plaster mold a molten aluminum by gravity.
Because the sand / plaster casting method does not require the metal mold, it is advantageous in delivery time and cost compared with die casting , but one sand / plaster mold is required by one casting .
Sand mold casting

Cylinder head (Sand mold casting)

Sand mold casting

The compressor frame of the refrigerating machine (Sand mold casting)

Plaster casting

Turbo turbine (Plaster casting)

Fast prototype casting with 3D printing

We introduce PLASTER STACK MOLD 3D PRINTERS mainly for our model production of aluminum castings.
With 3D CAD data or solid data, it is possible for us to manufacture 3D models of plaster model printings or casting production by printed aluminum plaster castings in a short period of time.
Plaster casting with 3D Printer
Plaster printing

The plaster stack mold (Bracket)

Plaster casting

Bracket (Plaster casting)

Plaster printing

3D model for design reviewing

Plaster casting

Memorial relief(Plaster casting)

Major Customers

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Nissan shatai Co., Ltd.
Nissan Koki Co., Ltd.
Aichi Machine Industry Co., Ltd.
Univance Corporation
Unipres Corporation
Toyo Advanced Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Kiriu Corporation
Calsonic Kansei Corporation
Kyowa Metal Works Co.,Ltd.
Fujikiko Co.,Ltd.
Sumitomo Riko Company Limited
NSK Steering Systems Co., Ltd.
Valeo Unisia Transmissions.KK
Toshiba Carrier Corporation
Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd
Nikkei Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Suzuki Motor Corporation
Johoku Industrial Co., Ltd.

Main Production Equipment

List of our main production equipment

Pressure die casting machines

Name Die locking Force
Die casting Machine 800 ton
Die casting Machine 500 ton(JMH)
Die casting Machine 350 ton(JMH)
Die casting Machine 350 ton
Squeeze casting Machine 350 ton

Gravity die casting machines

Name Size
Tilting casting machine 965 x 420 mm
Tilting casting machine 950 x 480 mm
Tilting casting machine(small) 650 x 340 mm
Horizontal opening casting machine 680 x 560 mm

Machine tools

NC Turning  
Horizontal machining center  
Vertical machining center  
Tapping center  

Supporting apparatus

Shotblast and others  
Heat treat furnace  
Sand core oven  
Annealing furnace  

Test and Measurement

Micro CT scanner  
X-ray inspection system  
Microfocus X-ray Fluoroscopy system  
Coordinate Measuring Machines  
Fluorescent penetrant testing apparatus  


3D Printer  

Quality inspections

We also make every effort to provide the best quality aluminum products by other ways of inspections than this page.

Component analysis

We conduct the material component check, which is essential to procedure the high quality aluminum products, when we melt aluminum.
component analysis

component analysis

Mold filling simulation

We design the best casting plan by simulating the mold filling in advance of actual production.
We examine the effective and low-cost mold design using 3-dimensions data and mold filling simulation before the actual mold production.
mold filling simulation

mold filling simulation

mold filling simulation

Dimensional check

We have 2 types of measuring inspections.
One is the checking product size by brandnew mold,
the other is checking the unevenness under the mass-production.
We check the dimensions of mold and product using coordinate measuring machine.
dimensional check

dimensional check

X-ray test

We check internal defects of the products by X-ray.
X-ray can inspect the internal of product without giving them any damages.
x-ray test

x-ray test

Micro CT scanning

We measure internal defects of the product by high resolution Micro CT scanner.
Micro CT scanning can inspect the internal of product without giving them any damages.
We use the data from Micro CT scanncer to the quality improvement positively.
Micro CT scanning

Micro CT scanning

Micro CT scanning